Any budding educational institute need leaders with a vision for improving the school’s learning environment within a well-functioning school. The Management of a successful school requires the management to consistently cater to the needs of the school and local community, develop and implement school improvement plans, establish fair and effective teacher appraisal systems, structure classroom and school policies and design schools according to students' needs. This should all be done along with building partnerships with the community, and ensuring that frameworks exist to support the functions of other school departments and personnel.

We at Brighton International School, Shahdol are truly committed to do the above and have the right mix of Experience, Vision and Intentions. The team comprises of the people from Shahdol and outside of Shahdol bringing together a mix of local and global together.

The team behind Brighton International School, Shahdol is as follows;
Mrs Reetu Ajay Vijra, Mr Manish Kejriwal, Dr Shantanu Gupta, Mr Prabhat Gupta, Mr Sachin Gupta, Mr Abhiney Singh - Managing Director, Brighton International School, Raipur, Dr Dhirendra Mishra - Educationist & Director LIFE EDUCARE PVT LTD.