Brighton International School, Shahdol started its operation this academic year and is looking to learn a lot from you and your great school. At Brighton we constantly look for opportunities where bright minds can shine and interact. MINDSPARK – our Annual Inter - School is one such affair that is laced with competitions of every nature to help students realize their potential and at the same time also help them prove their mettle.
It gives us immense pleasure to invite the students from your school to be a part of this very happening event, Mind spark 2019 to be held on from 18th –19th October2019 in our School Premises.
In this era of globalization, let us tap the hidden talents of our students amidst their curriculum. Activities on the stature will enhance their skills and encourage them to engage with complexities of issues arising today.
I request you to embolden the learners to let themselves give a chance to exchange their ideas and speak upon their thoughts.
We look forward to host you here at Brighton and ensure you promising and vigorous moments.

Contact us for Participation

  • Ms.Manmeet Kaur- 9165844166 || Ms.Shivani Dwivedi- 8718093151 || Mr.Ashley Gaudoin- 9669020950 || Ms.Preeti Patel- 9669617666 || Email:


Event Rules
Quiz • The first round of the quiz will be in written form.
• Four teams selected from first round will go in next round.
• One round of the quiz will be related to India.
• Each school will have one team with a maximum of 4 students,
• Rules and instructions regarding the individual rounds will be given on the spot.
• On the event of tie, answer to tie-breaker question will decide the winner.
English • There shall be only two Entries from (Class V - VII) each school, viz. one “For” the Motion and one for “Against” the Motion.
• The speakers are required to come in their respective school uniform.
• The speakers will address the chair only.
• Participants should refrain from reading previously prepared script, any paper or aid. Un-parliamentary language should not be used. No personal comments or observations should be made against any religion, caste, community, political party or individual. The matter should be limited to the topic only.
• Each Speaker shall be given a total of 3 Minutes to express their views. After the warning bell, at the end of the 2nd Minute, 1 Minute of extra time would be given
• Exceeding the time limit will be liable for negative marking
• Points awarded by individual judges will be added for each speaker, and then for each team.
• Facts, presented in a debate as such, must be accurate.
• The candidate opted out to be the first to speak through a draw will get a minutes time at the end for rebuttal.
• Once the debate starts, the participants are not allowed to discuss with their teacher or anyone else till the program ends.
• The best speaker, not the team, will be the winner whereas the highest point scoring team will get the BEST SCHOOL’S trophy.
• Queries can be placed to the candidates, which lie at the discretion of the judges.
• Reporting time for all the participants will be 09:00AM.
• Judgment Criteria- Content, Fluency, Body language, Confidence.
Group Song • Maximum song limit will be for 2 stanzas (Antras) only. Theme of the song should be ‘Patriotic’
• Group members of each group will be from Class IV – Class VII
• Movie songs are prohibited
• Maximum 3 accompanists will be allowed along with the group.
• No electronic instruments would be entertained.
• Costumes and actions will not carry any extra marks.
• Minimum 8 and Maximum 10 candidates could be there in a group.
• Groups should bring their own accompanists.
• Groups have to bring their own instruments

Table Tennis

Chess • We will be following all the rules and regulations of T.T.F.I.
• A Team consists of maximum four players and a coach/manager.
• Best of three set will be in the preliminary stage and finals will be of 5 set.

• Team scores are the accumulated scores for all four players in that team added together.
• A team consists of four players.
• Players will score one point for a win, a half point for a draw and zero for a loss.
Art • The competition will be held in the two groups.
• Class KG I to Class II (Colouring)
• Colouring sheet will be provided.
• Students can use any type of colour.
• Class III to Class V(Art)
• Theme – Unity In Diversity
• A4 size paper will be provided.
• Only Pastel Colors are allowed.
• Maximum 2 students from each institution will be allowed.